Ana, after an important and lengthy stage of her life in Florianopolis, was ready for a change. Just at this moment in her life, she went on an excursion to Urubici. She fell in love with the place, and when she found a plot of land for sale, she decided to make that change.


Inspired by the nature of the place, she had the desire of sharing this experience with others, which led her to begin building chalets, one by one.
Taking advantage of traditional family recipes, she would prepare delicious meals and offer them to her guests. Naturally, the enterprise began taking shape and Ana started formalizing her guests’ stay, even with the limited communication capabilities of the place.


Today, Cambuim is a way of life, both for the family and for those who collaborate daily towards the business. With the objective of offering our guests a sense of well-being and guaranteeing our quality of life, we work hard on the details in order to improve the infrastructure and to create solutions so as to propitiate a truly memorable experience with maximum privacy.

”Entrepreneurship is the way of life chosen by those who are non-conformists and questioners and who do not accept the current standards without trying to find new solutions.”Flávio Augusto da Silva


It was in search of a place where she could go cycling that Ana ended up in Urubici, and consequently got to know Cambuim . There are many cyclists in the area enjoying the beautiful trails and mountain views. 

She was also inspired by an iconic American TV series she used to watch as a child in which the main character, (Daniel Boone), wore a unique raccoon hat and lived in a log cabin.

A very special gift brought her further inspiration to name the chalets: Sacred Path Cards: The Discovery of Self Through Native Teachings by Jamie Sans – a book with North American shamanic teachings received by the author.