A romantic hideaway specialized in receiving couples

Our target audience has been defined over the years, so we have decided to focus our efforts on rendering high-quality services to our audience, offering privacy, comfort and unforgettable experiences.


Your love nest up on high

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The best bathing à deux

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The most amazing view

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Tenda da Lua

A very exclusive experience at our hideaway

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Contar os Golpes

The therapeutic sound and vibration of the waterfalls

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O Tambor

The awakening of all of your five senses

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Only couples

We have built a hosting profile geared towards couples and have become experts in the field. Book now the most romantic chalet ever.


We share our breakfast, made from fresh ingredients, from scratch and with love. More information.

Wi-Fi Zone

Available in the common areas, but with limited range. Understanding our structure.


For the down payment at reservation. You can also make a bank transfer. Check the availability of chalets in real time.


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Straight. Here everybody is welcome! Read here what our guests have to say about Cambuim.

No children

This is a place for contemplation, relaxation and appropriate only for adults.

No pets

We love animals, but we are still not able to receive them.

No cell coverage

Cell coverage is only available two kilometers (1.2 miles) away. This way you can truly relax. Find out where we are located.

No intercom

Our chalets are prepared to offer a calm and independent experience.

Booking online

Reservations are made online. We open a channel of communication after payment is made. More information.