Find here the best tips on how to get to Cambuim.

Rodovia SC 390 (Santa Catarina State Highway 390), km 110, UrubiciSC.

Latitude: 28° 5′ 22.314″ South
Longitude: 49° 38′ 31.302″ West

Trace a route: Google Maps | Waze | HereWEGO


pessoas vestindo jaqueta em tempo frio

Bring warm clothes

We are situated at 1500 meters (4921 ft.) of altitude, so it is always cold at night, even during the warmer months.

rodovia com neblina

Avoid travelling at night

Especially during the winter months, when there is high incidence of fog, and if you do not know the roads well.

GPS de carro

Use the GPS

We recommend the use of some apps on your smartphone to trace a route to Cambuim and save it offline Google Maps, Waze o HereWEGO.

estrada de asfalto

Only drive on paved roads

To get to Cambuim, it is not necessary to take any dirt roads. We are only about 200 meters (650 ft.) from a paved road.

planejamento de viagem com mapa e laptop

Make plans

If necessary, we recommend that you make plans for sightseeing around the area and/or having lunch so that you may arrive at Cambuim at the appropriate check-in time – from 2:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.