About Cambuim Cabanas


The concept

This is a private refugee with its doors opened to people who look for quietness and privacy, to beat the bad humor, relief the stress and enjoy romantic moments together, which makes the place perfect for couples.


The experience

Having the pleasure to be “received home” and take care of it like your own. Acommodate yourself very well and feel out of the routine, without cellphone. Enjoy nature and the companion of your beloved one.


The structure

There are six cabanas contouring a beautiful valley, surrounded by a lot of green nature in a spot over 1.500 meters high and only 150 meters far from the main road.


Our lifestyle

We start the day early to take good care of every single detail, willing to give special moments to our visitors. Each person of the family manage something different, but always keeping their own quietness. The concerning to keep the cabins great is common between all and very important to let the visitors independent.

View the rules of Cambuim in details:

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“If you don’t find reasons to be free, invent them. Be creative.  – Clarice Lispector